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(Updated 2/27/13 to include films that I didn’t get to see until 2013, but ones that came out in 2012.)

Between our Sunday morning Cinema Club, Ellen’s love for movies, and my freedom to go to a film any day, any time, I saw a lot this year.

Below is a list of the just the ones I gave four, four and a half, and five stars. For many of these I wrote brief, mini-reviews and have linked to those reviews. I’m not sure I can define my distinctions between the three categories any more than to say all three are films I enjoyed. The five stars and the four and a half ones I recommend without reservations.

In retrospect, I might adjust my ratings up or down on a few just a bit, but I decided to leave the ratings I gave the films shortly after I saw them.

There are a few more still on my ‘to see’ list (Zero Dark Thirty, The Waiting Room, Flight, Amour), and all of which I suspect would get one of the three top ratings.

Five Stars *****

Four & A Half Stars ****1/2

Four Stars ****