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By Ellen Miller

This summer Richard and I had a chance to spend close to a week in Los Cabos, Mexico, a place we had never been.

I was lucky to have a new camera with me, and I spent part of every morning walking along the rock covered beach. I fastened my eye on the waves as they burst on the rocks, trying to capture their force and power. I was almost equally fascinated by the rocks themselves, many of which looked as though they were just mounds of sand, some of which create almost lunar type landscapes.

It wasn’t hardship photography.

I took at least 1,000 pictures over six days.  Below are four of my favorites, and I winnowed the rest down to 20.  You can find those in my Flickr Album.  Look at them on a big screen if you can to understand the majesty of the sea.

PS from Richard: You gotta see these in the biggest format possible. When you get to the album of 20, click on each one to enlarge it and go through them one by one.

Trust me on this one:

Flickr Album.