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Searching for Sugar Man *****

The less you know about this film, the more you’ll like it.

Ever so briefly, it’s a documentary about a singer (Sixto Rodriquez) in Detroit who seemed on the verge of stardom and then seemed to disappear. Except not totally. His two records became huge hits in South Africa (as big or better than the Beatles and Elvis) and played a role in the opposition to Apartheid.

If you like music (think Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, James Taylor, Donovan), if you like fine film making, if you like a bit of mystery, and if you are curious about the ‘human condition,’ go immediately* to see Searching for Sugar Man.

Don’t seek out further info on this film.

Trust me on this one.

If I’m wrong, I’ll split the cost of your movie ticket with you.

Note: If you’ve seen this film, or when you see it, please email me: Samesty84@gmail.com or call me at 202-320-9501.

(*In DC, the only place where Search for Sugar Man is currently showing is at Landmark’s Bethesda Row Cinema. It’s definitely here until Thursday but may be, hopefully, extended another few weeks.)

Update: Tues., 9:30 PM:
Just back from seeing it again, this time with my wife Ellen, who is upstairs now trying to download the music. Her reaction to the film? “Go. See. This. Film.”
I checked the listings for Thurs., Aug. 16 and beyond. Bad news: it’s not going to be at Bethesda Row Cinema after tomorrow, Wed., Aug. 15. Good news: it’s going to be at the West End Cinema starting Fri., Aug.17 at least until Tues., Aug. 21.