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Here’s the latest from MillersTime on current and future movies.

Queen of Versailles *****

MillersTime reader and long time friend FH emailed recently that Queen of Versailles is a must see film and would be a good topic for an evening at the Millers.

So Ellen and I went off to see it Monday afternoon.

We had had it on our ‘to see’ list, tho we had it mixed up with a couple of other current films that have “Queen” in the title. So we went, knowing nothing about the film, which, I think is a good way to see it.

There is much to say and to talk about once having seen Queen of Versailles, and in keeping with my general predilection not to spoil a film by commenting or saying too much about it, I’ll leave this one for your discovery.

But we are going to follow through with FH’s suggestion and have an evening discussion about it. Let me know if you’re interested in joining us, probably a Friday or Sunday night in Oct. or Nov.

The Intouchables *****

This film is another one that came via a MillersTime reader (and a family member), JB. We had thought about seeing it, but the previews, while interesting, were not so enticing as to put it at the top of list. JB kept urging us to see, and we did.

Another winner.

Very briefly, it is based on a true and unlikely story of a very rich man in Paris who after becoming totally paralyzed from the neck down needs and hires his opposite, a ‘ne’er-do-well’ with a criminal record. Surprisingly, both lives are changed as a result.

Although the reviews in this country were mixed, in France,  Intouchables quickly became the second most watched movie, according to IMBd (Welcome to the Sticks is the most watched, tho I don’t know anything about that one).

The Bourne Legacy ***1/2

This film is the latest in the Jason Bourne series from thriller writer Robert Ludlum. Instead of Matt Damon playing Jason, Jeremy Renner does so, adequately. The Bourne Legacy keeps you involved all the way through. For some reason, even though it’s entertaining and a good, escapist film, it’s not in my category of a ‘must see’ movie.


Searching for Sugarman *****

I am repeating my earlier recommendation to see this documentary as it has remained in the DC area even though it was supposed to be gone by now. I wrote about the film in my posting The Less You Know, the More You’ll Like This Film August 14.

 Heads Up:

Readers of this site probably know that I tend to like and write about independent and foreign films in part because I feel the larger, big name films get plenty of coverage Thus, I don’t generally add to the chatter about those films, except when I do (as in the short note about The Bourne Legacy above).

I’ll probably continue along that vein, but I did come across an article a few days ago in The Daily Beast that ‘previews’ up coming major films. It seems to me there are a number that will be worth our time.

Fall’s Must See Movies highlights some ones we’ll probably all want to see.