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No doubt, some, many, all of you have been away for some, part, or all of the summer and consequently have not had a chance to partake of various postings on MillersTime.

To give you another opportunity to so do, here are some of the articles/photos, etc. that either seemed to draw the most interest or that I particularly liked writing and posting:

In the Escapes and Pleasures Blog:

*Better Than Zagat’s…and Free Too

* What to Read Next

* Ellen’s Pictures of Nova Scotia

* You Can Go “Home” Again, Ellen’s Pictures from the California Coast

* Ellen’s Pictures from Santa Fe

* Ellen’s Pictures from Berlin & Prague

In the Family and Friends Blog:

*The Grandkinder, cont.

*“Just be…just be…just be…just be”

*My Own Fault, Mostly

*The Child IS the Father of the Man

*Taking Care of Grandchildren: Anyone Can Do It

*The Family Remembers Sam Miller

*How Come She Doesn’t Give Up

In the GoSox Blog:

*This Sports Writer Gets It

*John Michael Pavestovich (Johnny Pesky) IS Resting in Peace

*Why the Sox Won’t Make the Playoffs & the Nats’ Will

*Photos from Fenway

*Something’s Wrong Here

*You Gotta Stay ‘Til the End

*“I Blame You”

*The Three Toughest Outs in Baseball

In The Outer Loop Blog:

*Trying to Decide?

*We’re Screwed No Matter Who Wins

*It’s Not Fair”

*A Range of Articles on VP Candidate Rep. Paul Ryan

*As I Told You 15 Months Ago

*LBJ: Political Genius or Ruthless Manipulator?

In the Articles of Interest Blog:

*Articles of Interest.8 (Politics at Home & in the Mid East)

*Articles of Interest.7 (News reports You May Have Missed)

*The Passion of John Wojnowski

*Articles of Interest.6 (Understanding Obamacare, Healthcare & the Supreme Court)

*Articles of Interest.5 (Good Reading on a What’s Beyond the Front Page)