What are the hardest three outs to get in baseball?

I suspect if asked this question, you would say, “the final three outs of a game, those in the 9th inning.”

That’s what I always thought. It’s what the announcers always say.

But you’d be wrong.

The right answer? Maybe the ones in the 8th inning?


Would you believe that the first three outs of game are the toughest? That’s when the most runs are scored in an inning.

Joe Posnanski, a long time sports writer who often looks at things differently than most writers, decided to see if ‘conventional wisdom’ was correct that the final outs are the toughest.

Take a look at what he found. You may not agree with it all, but you may also begin to look more closely at what happens in the first innings of games.

The Three Toughest Outs, from Joe’s Blog.

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