California Coast, Ellen Miller, 2012

I don’t remember the exact year, but it was in the late ‘60s, shortly after my wife Ellen and I were married. We drove from San Francisco to LA down Route 1, the coastal highway, stopping for pictures, for picnics, and at one point for two days to read all seven CS Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia in an inn overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

We loved the trip, and we often talked about it over the past few decades.

So when Ellen had to be in SF this summer for her work, we decided that when she was finished, we would celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary by renting a car and driving down the coast again. We convinced some long time friends to meet us half way, in the Big Sur area.

Contrary to what Thomas Wolfe has told us, we found, “You Can Go ‘Home’ Again.”

We found only minimal changes in the area, exceptional views, wonderful food, and good companionship.

And so here are some (18) of Ellen’s best pictures from this year’s California coastal trip. Seems as if there’s a bit more emphasis on flowers. Perhaps the ‘Flower Child’ of the ‘60s has taken on new meaning.
















If you want to see more, Ellen has a slide show for you.