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  1. Report of the Special Investigative Counsel Regarding the Actions of the Pennsylvania State University Related to the Child Sexual Abuse Committed by Gerald A. Sandusky.

There has been much attention, discussion, and some controversy in the last week about the report by Judge Louis Freeh into the actions of the PSU regarding the behavior of Sandusky. See for yourself what the report said. You can go to page 13 to read the Executive Summary and continue from there if you want more details.

Length: Medium to Long

2. The Price of Inequality, by Joseph Stiglitz, The Guardian, June 5, 2012

According to Nobel laureate economics professor Steiglitz, “American can no longer regard itself as the land of opportunity that it once was. But it does not have to be this way: it is not too late for the American dream to be restored.”

Length: Short

3. Nixon Was Far Worse Than We Thought, Woodward & Bernstein, Washington Post, July 6, 2012

The WaPo writers who became famous for breaking the Watergate scandal return to say, “The Watergate that we wrote about in The Washington Post from 1972 to 1974 is not Watergate as we know it today. It was only a glimpse into something far worse. By the time he was forced to resign, Nixon had turned his White House, to a remarkable extent, into a criminal enterprise.”

Length: Long

4.  You For Sale, Natasha Sanger, NYTimes, June 17, 2012

Do you know about the Acxiom Corporation?  It knows about you, perhaps even more than you know about yourself. And it’s selling what it knows.

Length: Medium

5. The Mother of All Vote-Suppression Tactics?  By James Ridgeway, Mother Jones, July 5, 2012

Some attention, though too little I believe, has been paid to what is going on around the country in regard to restrictive new voting laws.  In this article, Ridgeway writes how the November ballot results could be swayed by one particular form of ‘vote suppression.’

Length: Short