Now this is embarrassing.

First, there was only one of the six contests that was to be decided by the All-Star break – #3 – Name the teams who will be leading in each division.

Maybe this is the hardest of the six contests because it’s only half of a season, and therefore not totally indicative of how good or bad teams really are.

Several surprises so far:

*The White Sox are leading their division. Only one person predicted that (Rob W.)

*The Nationals are leading their division. Only one of you predicted that (Todd E.).

*The Phillies and the Red Sox are in the bottom of their divisions. That apparently was not expected by many of you.

* No one got all six of the divisions correctly.

* No one got five of the divisions correctly.

* No one got four of the divisions correctly.

If you look at the spread sheet of the Final Predictions, it looks as if 10 of you (Jeff F., Rob W., Kevin C., Elizabeth M., Tiffany L., Jimmy R., Brent S., David P., Jeff K., and Meg G) had three of the six division leaders. But when I investigated further, most of these 10 only, in fact, had two, as the “D” I had put on the spread sheet stood for Diamondbacks and not the Dodgers for many of you.

So what’s the embarrassing part?

The one contestant with three correctly identified division leaders is Elizabeth R. Miller* (related to moi). Plus, I saw her fill out her sheet, and she did it in less than a minute.

I suppose I should be pleased on one level.

But before I definitely declare Ms Miller the winner, I will give folks time to see if I’ve made a mistake in these calculations.

Let me know by one week from today, the end of the day Tuesday, July 17 if you find any irregularities in my declaring Ms Miller the winner.

Otherwise, I will have no choice but to declare Ms Miller the winner of Contest #3 and purchase for her two seats for a game in any stadium she chooses for 2012.


Addendum: I have already, during our last father-daughter Las Vegas trip, purchased for her a few $10 straight bet tickets: one for the Sox to win the pennant (pays $40), one for the Sox to win the WS (pays $70), one for the Nats to win the pennant (pays $160), and one for the Nats to win the WS (pays $360). Don’t all good fathers do things like this?

Lets go Sox and Nats. (I have some of those same tickets for myself).


(*Ms Miller’s completed Baseball Contests prediction sheet, dated Friday the 23rd (April) is available for review by any and all who may have any concerns or degrees of skepticism about my impartiality.)