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Compiled below is the list of films I saw between Jan. 1, 2014 and July 31, 2014 that I rated from three and a half to five stars.

These categories are somewhat arbitrary, but generally the five and four and a half star films are pretty close, and I enjoyed those tremendously. The four star ones were all good, but I had some (minor) reservations. The three and half star ones were more problematical films but still worth checking out.

If a film did not make it into one of these categories, I did not write a review.

The ones listed below I recommend for your consideration.

A significant number of these films are either documentary, foreign, or small films, often only in the theaters for a few weeks, usually in one of the independent theaters in the DC area or in our DC Film Club.

If you click on any of the titles below, you will link to my mini-review on MillersTime.

As always, any thoughts, comments, disagreements, agreements, etc. are welcomed.

Five Stars:


Finding Vivian Maier

Particle Fever

The Square

Four and a Half Stars:


Life Itself

The Case Against 8

The Rocket

The Past

Four Stars:


Child’s Pose

The Lunchbox

The Immigrant

Words & Pictures

Three and Half Stars:


Grand Budapest Hotel

Unknown Knowns

Oscar Nominated Short Action Live Films

Oscar Nominated Documentary Short Films

Elsa & Fred

The Mountain

*                    **                    **                    **                    *

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