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The Rocket ****1/2

The screening of this film is what our Sunday morning Cinema Club does best: offers films that one is unlikely to see elsewhere but rewards the audience with a good drama, well told, that reveals life and struggles beyond our own, often narrow shores and brings to the screen unknown talent.

The Rocket tells a story of a young Laotian boy and his struggles to overcome the label of being cursed. Along the way, the audience is treated not only to a good drama but also to insights about a land cursed by war, the effects of war and the building of a dam.

The acting, especially by the two youngest characters, Ahlo and Kia, is terrific, but all the performances are good.

In some ways, The Rocket reminded me of Beasts of the Southern Wild, but I also liked it because it took me to a world I barely know and made that world more understandable.

You’ll have to look for this film, but if it shows up where you live, you’re in for an hour and a half treat.

For a short trailer, click on this YouTube link.

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Update – 4/13/14 – Our Cinema Club gave the film a rating of 94.57% (excellent/good) and 96.59% would recommend it to a friend. Also, if a friend suggests you see the Swedish film We Are the Best, you might want to reevaluate that friendship.