Compiled below is the list of films I saw in 2013 that I rated four (4), four and a half (4 1/2) or five (5) stars.

All of them I recommend for your consideration.

These three top categories are somewhat arbitrary, but generally the four and a half and five stars are pretty close, and I enjoyed those films tremendously. The four star ones were all good, but I had some (minor) reservations. Generally, however, I enjoyed those enough to recommend them to you.

If a film did not make it into one of these three categories, I usually did not write a review.

As I typed this list and upon reflection, I was tempted to adjust a few of these ratings up or down, but ultimately I decided not to do that. The ratings you see below were made when I wrote my mini-review, mostly within a few days of the time I saw those films.

A significant number of these films are either documentary, foreign, or small films, often only in the theaters for a few weeks, usually in one of the independent theaters in the DC area or in our DC Film Club.

If you click on any of the titles below, you will link to my mini-review on MillersTime.

As always, any thoughts, comments, disagreements, agreements, etc. are welcomed.

Five Stars *****

The Act of Killing


Best Short Documentaries, 2103, Short Subjects

The Hunt

Let the Fire Burn

Miracle Rising

Oscar Nominated Short Films, 2013, Live Action

Short Term


Four and a Half Stars **** 1/2

All Is Lost


Enough Said

Fifty-Six (56) Up

Fill the Void

Fruitvale Station

The Gatekeepers




Still Mine

Stories We Tell

Tim’s Vermeer

Twelve (12) Years a Slave

Zero Dark 30

Four Stars ****

A Hijacking

The Attack

Blue Is the Warmest Color

Captain Phillips

Dallas Buyers Club


Forty-Two (42)

Happy People: A Year in the Tiaga

Hannah Arendt


Lee Daniels’ The Butler

Museum Hours


Rust & Bone

The Spectacular Now

Twenty (20) Feet From Stardom