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One of the (many) wonderful choices that being retired allows is the ability to see movies whenever you want — during the week, during the day, two in a row on the same day, or 15 over four days at a film festival.

And we’ve done all of the above.

Most of the end-of-the year lists of “Best” Films have been published already, and most come from critics who review films/books for a living.

I don’t have any special film knowledge and just tend to write about how much I liked various films for whatever reasons. Below is a list of many (tho not all) of the films Ellen and I saw in 2016, largely ones that I rated three stars or higher (out of a system of 1-5 stars). If Ellen had a different rating from mine, I have put her ratings in parentheses.

As I was constructing this post, I thought of adjusting a few of the ratings (up or down) but decided to leave the ratings the way I made them a day or two after seeing each film.

These starred categories are somewhat arbitrary, but generally the five and four and a half star films are pretty close, and I enjoyed those tremendously. The four star ones were all good, but I had some (minor) reservations. The three star ones were more problematic films for me but still may be worth checking out. Three starred ones were even more problematic. If a film did not make it into one of these categories, I did not write a review (The Lobster, for example).

If you click on the linked titles below, you will get to my mini-review of that film on MillersTime. For four of the more recent ones, however, I have not yet written about them.

I have also attached a link to a listing of these films that you can print out in the event you like to do that sort of thing.

Five Stars  *****

Manchester by the Sea



The Eagle Huntress


OJ: Made in America

I, Daniel Blake

Ixcanul  (Ellen ****)

Four and a Half ****1/2

Queen of Katwe (Ellen *****)

Embrace of the Serpent

Son of Saul

20th Century Woman (Ellen *****)

Lion (Ellen ****)

Human Figures (Ellen *****)

Four Stars ****

La La Land (Ellen *****)

The Unknown Girl

The Oath (Ellen ****1/2)


The Salesman

A Man Called Ove (Ellen ***)

Moonlight (Ellen ****1/2)



Hell or High Water

Eye in the Sky (Ellen *****)

Sing Street

The Innocents (Ellen *****)

Viva (Ellen ***)


A War

Three and a Half Stars ***1/2

The Edge of Seventeen (Ellen ***)

Things to Come ***1/2 (Ellen ***)

I Am Not Your Negro (Ellen ***)

Elle (Ellen *****)

Three Stars ***

Tampopo (Ellen ****)

Toni Erdmann (Ellen *****)

Fire at Sea

Do Not Resist (Ellen ****)

To see the above films in a spread sheet for printing, Click Here.