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tigerheadPhoto Illustration by Richard Roberts

I’ve never been too fascinated by golf and have often used the snarky quote, “It spoils a good walk,” to express my view of this ‘sport.’ (Mark Twain is quoted to have said, “Golf is a good walk spoiled,” although that quote apparently precedes Twain.)

But I have always been interested in the best players in any sport and will read about or even attend events other than baseball to see the likes of a Michael Jordan, Andre Agassi, Pele, etc.

Tiger Woods fits (or once did) into that category of best ever, and when he seemed to self destruct a few years ago, I wondered what the ‘back’ story was, why someone of his great abilities could fall so precipitously.

A long article I read several days ago about Tiger Woods — The Secret History of Tiger Woods by Wright Thompson — gives some insight that I had not previously had to this fallen, ‘best ever’ athlete.

Check it out: The Secret History of Tiger Woods, by Wright Thompson, ESPN, 4/21/16.

What do you think?