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So much time, energy, and money is being spent (wasted?) on the primaries (and then the presidential election itself) that it’s tempting to tune out and perhaps not even participate in our elections at all.

Everyone I know and talk with is unhappy in one way or another with the candidates, with Congress, and with our political system. But if we don’t participate in some way, then we are part of the problem.

So for Democrats, what to do? There are legitimate arguments to be made for supporting either of the two candidates now vying for the nomination. Here are three recent articles that to me are worthy of the time it takes to read them.

Voting Without Illusions by Micah Sifry. For me, the strengths of this article are Micah’s points about the attention that must be paid beyond the presidential race.

Hilliary Clinton and the Complex System by Jack Danger. Choosing Clinton over Sanders.

There Is No Bernie Sanders Movement by Jamelle Bouie. For those who support Sanders, the need to be engaged beyond this campaign.

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