Everyone knows about how tiring it is to have a new born in the family, what with sleep schedules that really are not schedules at all. Everyone has sympathy for the poor parents, especially the mother of the new born.

But what is it like for the grandparents? No one talks much about that.

In my continuing effort to inform readers of MillersTime about this ‘new’ station in life, see the two pairs of pictures below, taken in the middle of the day.

SLT.3            Grandpapa’s Eyes Are Open, but ten seconds later they are closed.                                    SLT.2Ditto for the grandmother.

Nonna’s Eyes Are Open, but ten seconds later they are closed too.




And what about the newborn?

Despite her mother’s attempts to instruct her in the necessity of walking 10,000 steps a day, the one-month old chooses muscle building exercise.


Note to new mother from Grandpapa: Your precious princess told me she didn’t know what “walking” was nor did she know the word “steps.”