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Hus-on-firstby: JamieD 9/3/10, Total ProSports.com. (If you’ve never seen, or want to see the Abbott-Costello piece Who’s on 1st: http://bit.ly/1mV1fyH)


Baseball Fans:

Now that it is officially 2015, and we are all freezing, my thoughts naturally turn to the upcoming baseball season and the annual MillersTime Baseball Contests.

And I’m asking for some help.

I’ve listed below the questions/contests from last year and would like your ideas and suggestions about this year’s contest. Particularly,

a. Which of these, if any, would you keep?

b. What new questions would you suggest?

c. How else would you modify the contests (fewer questions, different prizes, etc.)?

Last year’s contests:

1. Make a prediction about the 2014 MLB season.

2. Pick any MLB team and predict what their regular season record will be in 2014. Also, will they make the playoffs, and how far will they go if they do?

3. What will the Washington Nationals’ record be this year? Tie Breakers: Will they make the playoffs, and how far will they go?

4. Will the Red Sox or Yankees have a better won-loss regular season record this year? Will either or both make the playoffs? Tie-Breaker: What will the split be in the 19 games they play against each other?

5. Pick a player whose batting average (sans decimal) and RBIs combined will add up closest to 406. Tie-Breaker: How many Home Runs will the player of your choice hit?

6. Who will be in the World Series? Who will win it all? Who will be the WS MVP?

Last year #5 was suggested by a reader, and I adjusted some of the others to make it less Sox/Yankee focused and more inclusive of other teams.

Please take a few moments and give some suggestions for the 2015 contests.

(If a bribe will help, if you suggest a question that is chosen for 2015, your ‘prize’ will be the choice between going to a Nats’ game with me or receiving a copy of the wonderful A Great and Glorious Games: Baseball Writings of A. Bartlett Giamatti.)