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“A Best Friend Is Someone Who Gives Me a Book I’ve Never Read”- A. Lincoln

Two months ago now I asked for MillersTime readers to send in a favorite read that you had since the beginning of 2020 (and a favorite listen if you listen to books on tape/audible). Thirty-seven of you responded, and the result was Favorite Reads in Time of Self-Isolation, April 2020.

Now let’s do that again.

  1. Here’s the drill this time: From either the last two months or, if you wish, going back to Jan. 1, pick TWO favorite reads (and up to TWO favorite listens) to share with each other. These should be different ones from any you sent in previously.
  2. Send me the title, author, and whether the book is fiction (F) or nonfiction (NF).
  3. Write just three sentences about each favorite read or listens so others may know more than just the title.
  4. Send me your contributions over the next week, by May 25th, so I can compile them and post them at the beginning of June. Use my email (Samesty84@gmail.com) to convey your two choices.

Please follow these few instructions as it makes my job of compiling the list easier. If you only have one book or one listen, that’s fine too.