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If the current allegations that my beloved Red Sox illegally stole signs in the 2018 baseball season using video replay, they should pay the heaviest of prices.

No matter that other teams do and did something similar.

No matter that it could only happen if there was a runner on second.

No matter any of the other excuses that are being made.

They, and other MLB teams, had been explicitly warned by MLB against this sign stealing.

They had been caught and fined earlier for using an Apple watch to relay signs.

Using technology to cheat, which is increasingly possible and available, cheapens the game, and cheaters need to know that continuing to do so will cost them heavily.

Just as the penalties now for use of PEDS (performance enhancing drugs) have become severe, so too should the penalties for this cheating be severe.

MLB , in my humble opinion, should throw the book at the Sox:

  1. Suspend Alex Cora (whom I’ve greatly admired, until now) for a year from managing. And a second infraction under his watch, if he returns to baseball, should result in his permanent removal from baseball.
  2. The Red Sox should lose their first two draft picks in the coming year.
  3. The Red Sox should be fined a significant amount of money (in the millions).
  4. Any further such violations by the Red Sox, these penalities should double.

What say others?