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As you can see from the pictures below, I spent an entire Red Sox game last night wearing a Yankee hat.

endof game(Sox defeat Orioles, 10-1)


Because once again I made a bet on the Sox and lost.

A Yankee fan bet me that the “Yunkees” would beat the Sox in a game earlier this year. They did, and thus I was committed to wearing the dumb NYY hat to a Sox game.

So I doubled the bet, saying if the Yankees won the second one of the three game series, I’d wear it twice. The Sox won, and I was free.

But I couldn’t leave well enough alone, and we bet on the third game.

Sox lost.

So I ordered the T-shirt you see, and ‘paid up’.

beginningofgame(Early in the game, Ortiz just before he hit a towering HR to center.)

At least I have the T-shirt available for future bets.

Any takers?

Against any team the Sox play.

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Last Minute NAT’s Tickets Available

Because of an unforeseen ‘obligation’ — something to do with grand parenting — I have two terrific tickets (fifth row behind the Visitor’s Dugout) available for free to a Nats’ 4:05 game this Saturday, Sept. 19th.

Email me (Samesty84@gmail.com) by Friday the 18th, and you can have the tickets.

First offer goes to anyone who promises to take a kid (broadly defined) to the game.

Second choice will be anyone who has not already been to a game with my tickets this year.

Third choice, anyone else who wants to see the Nats, even if we’ve been to a game together or you’ve used these tickets.