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Empty seat

Once again I have some tickets available for Nats’ games, some to join with me and some I cannot use.

For the seats with me, there’s no cost to you, other than possibly buying me a bag of peanuts and listening to my natterings about baseball.

For the ones I cannot attend, I’m flexible. If you are going to take a kid, then I’ll give you the tickets. If not, then I’d like to recover the cost of the seats ($50 a seat, less than the printed price), but I can be persuaded otherwise.

I’m offering tickets for games through June and will announce later games later in the season.

And I’m doing it a bit differently this year.

Rather than focusing on who saw this post first, if you’re interested in seeing a game with me, send me, by Opening Day, Sunday night, April 5, two games you could attend. Then I can juggle a bit if more than one person wants a certain game.

If you’re interested in two seats without me, those will be on a first to contact me basis.

The available games:

1.   Thursday, April 9, 1:05 vs Mets (with me)

2.   Thursday, April 16, 7:05 vs Phillies (with me)

3.   Sunday, April 19, 1:35 vs Phillies (with me)

4.   Tuesday, April 21, 7:05 vs Cards (with me)

4.   Monday, May 4, 7:05 vs Marlins (with me).

5.   Tuesday, May 5, 7:05 vs Marlins (two tickets, without me)

6.   Wednesday, May 6, 1:05 Marlins (two tickets, without me)

7.   Friday, May 8, 7:05 vs Braves (two tickets, without me)

8.   Sunday, May 24, 1:35 vs Phillies (with me)

9.   Sunday, June 7, 4:05 vs Cubs (with me)

10.  Friday, June 19, 7:05 vs Pirates (with me and two without me)

You don’t have to be knowledgeable about baseball to join me. It’s enough simply to enjoy an afternoon or evening at the park.

And, I can easily be persuaded to take a kid along with me to one of these games.

Remember, give me two possible games that work for you by Sunday nite, April 5.


Not connected to these tickets – a reminder that your 2015 MillersTime Baseball Contest predictions are due by Sunday, April 5, 8:05 PM.