A friend recently asked what films I would put in my top ten for 2011.

Generally, I tend to resist doing top tens (tho I’m told it’s good for driving traffic to one’s site), but since I went back and reviewed my mini-reviews for this friend, here is the list and the links to the films I rated four-five stars in 2011. There’s probably not much difference between five and four and a half stars; the four stars are a notch below, however.:

Five Stars:

A Separation (Click Here)

Moneyball (Here)

My Afternoons with Magueritte (Here)

My Week with Marilyn (Here)

Senna (Here)

Crime After Crime (Here)

Whistleblower (Here)


Four and a Half Stars:

Incendies (Here)

The Artist (Here)

Margin Call (Here)

Winter’s Bone (Here)

Midnight in Paris (Here)

Wasteland (Here)

Hugo (not reviewed but enjoyed recently)


Four Stars:

Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy (Here)

The Ides of March (Here)

Martha Marcy Mary Marlene (Here)

A Better Life (Here)

Of Gods and Men (Here)

The Debt (Here)

Win Win (Here)

Phil Ochs: There But for Fortune (Here)

Restrepro (Here)

Harry Potter (the last one) (Here)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (not reviewed and not as good as the Swedish version but still worth the nine bucks)