If you like baseball. See the movie Moneyball.

If you don’t like baseball and/or have never seen a game in your life, still see Moneyball.

If you like the author Michael Lewis, see Moneyball.

If you don’t know who Michael Lewis is, it doesn’t matter.

If you like Brad Pitt, see Moneyball.

If you think Brad Pitt is a lousy actor, see Moneyball anyway.

If you like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jonah Hill or don’t know who they are, see Moneyball.

If you think a movie without any romantic interest is dull, see Moneyball. (Baseball as romance doesn’t count here.)

If you know or don’t know Director Bennett Miller, and Writers Steven Zallian, Aaron Sorkin (Social Network), and Stan Chervin, it doesn’t matter.

If you like true stories that pit the little guy against the big guy, you’ll like Moneyball.

If you simply like a good movie, definitely see Moneyball.


You got the point after the first few sentences.

Trust me on this one.

It’s not a ‘niche’ movie. it’s funny. It’s serious. It’s got drama and a good story. And if after reading about the movie, you don’t think you’re going to like it, see it anyway.

If I’m wrong, I’ll refund your money.