“If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving an infant’s life, she will choose to save the infant’s life without even considering if there are men on base.”                                                              —  Dave Barry


As you probably know, or have read in an earlier post (“Life After New York City“), my favorite younger daughter recently left NYC for Miami and a new job.

And apparently she didn’t even consider, a la Dave Berry, what that would mean for her dear father.

As I was supervising the moving of her furniture a few days ago (she was already off to her new life), it suddenly dawned on me that this move was going to be costly for me. To wit:

* Where would I now get my haircut for $14? For the past half dozen years Yascha at 3 Aces Barber Shop at 664 9th Ave. had been giving me a shave and haircut at a much better price than I could get in DC.

*Now what would I do for a nite’s rest in NY? For the past half dozen years I had been sleeping ‘comfortably,’ and at no cost, on said daughter’s pull out couch. Would I now have to pay $300 a nite whenever I wanted to go see the Sox thump the Yankees?

*What would I do about theater tickets? Same daughter had access to reduced priced Broadway tickets.

*To say nothing about how would I know what shows to see and not to see? For example, in the past year, daughter had seen 22 out of the 27 Tony Award nominated plays and had steered me correctly in all of my theater going.

*And what about Dim Sum and Chinatown? DC can’t hold a chopstick to NYC in this regard, not in price, quality nor quantity.

*How about places like Peter Lugar’s, Fairway Market, Eataly, Zabar’s, etc.? OK, Eataly is coming to DC, but no steak can compare to Peter Lugar’s.

*No more witnessing Sox victories over the Yunkees at the new $1.6 billion Yankee Stadium? Well, I probably won’t miss the train rides to and from the Bronx with all that Yankee paraphernalia, especially those obnoxious shirts with something about 27 rings (What’s that all about?).

I guess there are some things I won’t miss, such as the 4-7 hour drive from DC. And at least now I won’t have to worry about driving my car with the “Go Sox” license plates and fearing having my tires deflated or car bashed.

There are probably a few other things I won’t miss, but the loses for dear pater with her move are almost staggering.

Is wanting to wear flip flops for most of the year sufficient justification for denying her Papa the fruits of NYC?