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Contest #IV: What will be the main takeaways from having a 60-game, or shorter, season?

Which ONE of the following five submissions, in your view, should be the main takeaway from the shortened season?

  1. NL Designated Hitter is a good idea that should be permanently adopted.
  2. Play without fans sucks/Fans matter.
  3. They should try the runner on second rule in extra innings during the 162 games season but not in the playoffs.
  4. The 2020 season will forever have an asterisk.
  5. Spouses of baseball fans will not be as aggravated as usual because the season is shorter.

MillersTime contestants who voted which of the above was the best answer chose #1 – DH a good idea that should be permanently adopted.

Four of you had predicted this would be the the main takeaway.

Winner: Ed Scholl, by virtue of having the earliest submission of this prediction – July 3 at 2:33 PM.

Runners Up: Daniel Fischberg (July 18 – 6:01 PM), Matt-Wax-Krell (July 22 – 2:30 PM) and Chris Ballard (July 23 – 10:43 AM, just 77 minutes before the Contests closed!).

Ed’s Prize is his choice of one of these books – 25 Best Baseball Books of All Time – and a MillersTime Winner T-Shirt, if he doesn’t already have one. Let me know Ed, along with your home address and t-shirt size, if applicable.

Daniel, Matt, and Chris all get T-Shirts. Please send me your T-Shirt size and your home address.

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For those of you who care about important issues:

Assuming COVID-19 issues are under control, 2021 Spring Training begins Sat., Feb. 27 (111 days from now), and the 2021 Regular Season will begin Thursday, April 1 (143 days from now) with all 30 Clubs playing their opening game on this date. And importantly, April 1 will be the date for the closing of the 2021 MillersTime Baseball Contests.