“A Best Friend Is Someone Who Gives Me a Book I’ve Never Read”- A. Lincoln

Given the extraordinary times we are all experiencing, it occurred to me that rather than wait for a mid-year or end of the year call for your favorite reads, we should do something a bit different. Let’s share with each other, on a monthly basis, books that are entertaining and meaningful to us since the first of the year.

Here’s my idea and request and how we can start:

From the last three months, Jan. 1-Mar. 31, pick one favorite read (and one favorite listen if you listen to books also) and send me the title, author, and whether the book is fiction (F) or nonfiction (NF). Please write Just three sentences about it so others may know more than just the title. Please follow these few instructions as it makes my job of compiling the list easier.

(Note 1: If you’re having trouble choosing just one title, save your other favorites for next month’s submission. See below).

To begin, send me your first favorite by April 7, and I will post the results on MillersTime by April 10th.

Then, at the end of the first week of May, the 7th, do it again, with the best single book you’ve read and the best one you’ve listened to in the month of April. I will post what you send by May 10th. (I, of course, will remind you to do this in one of my ‘gentle’ nudges.)

We’ll continue this sharing of a favorite read and/or a favorite audio book for the following few months too, if readers are enjoying it.

I hope you’ll contribute each month.

Get started now on sending me one favorite book and/or one favorite listen by April 7. I won’t bother to remind you or bother you this time.

PS – If you’re looking for ideas of something to read, here’s the link to Favorite Reads from 2019.