I know we’ve all heard, read, watched all sorts of advice, much of it good, some questionable, and some simply not up-to-date or just inaccurate.

Below you will find links to two videos/advice from Dr. David Price, a critical care pulmonologist caring for COVID-19 patients at NYC’s Weill Cornell Hospital. (Hat Tip to David P. Stang for alerting me to this information.)

He will tell you some of the things you know, some things you may not be sure about, and some things you may need to know in the days and weeks and months ahead.

What is outstanding about these two videos is the level of practical advice that comes from someone who is on the front lines of caring for people who come to one of our best hospitals. Dr. Price is clear, straight forward, and seems to have the very latest experiences and knowledge from the front lines.

I’m sure there is something in these two videos for everyone, no matter how much information you may know or where you live in this country or abroad, or what you already know that is valid or perhaps not valid.

He is positive and focuses his remarks for a wide range of people.

The first link, the first video is a 24.05 minute compilation of Dr. Price speaking to us all: Empowering & Protecting Your Family.

The second link, the second video is a 57:06 minute conversation from Dr. Price that includes much from the first video but also includes his answers to questions from people across the country: Empowering, Protecting Your Family and Responses to Questions about COVID-19.