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Two of the seven contests, Contest #2 and the ‘Extra Credit’ contest have yet to be decided as those winners are to be determined by the votes of contestants. If you have not yet voted, please do by Tuesday, Nov. 22. You can see the two contests’ finalists and vote HERE. Please vote in both those contests.

Contest #1: Pick your favorite MLB team (or team you know the most) and answer the following questions to prove whether you’re just a homer or whether you really know something about baseball.

a. What will your team’s regular season record be in 2016?

b. Will they make the playofffs, and if so, how far will they go?

c.  What will be the most important factor in determining their season?

Four of you came close.

Jeff Kanilowicz said his Cubs would go 98-64 (they were 103-58) and win the WS which they did. He places fourth. David Price said his Yunkees would go 80-93 (they were 84-78) and wouldn’t make the playoffs, which they didn’t. He places third. Elizabeth Tilis said her Red Sox would go 90-72 (they were 93-69) and would lose in the ALDS, which they did. She places second.

Dawn Wilson said her Dodgers would go 93-69 (they were 91-71) and would lose in the NLCS, which they did. So Dawn edges out Elizabeth and gets two tickets to a regular season game of her favorite team (details to be negotiated with me). Dawn is a newcomer to these contests this year.

Contest #2: Make a prediction about something that will happen during the 2016 MLB season.

The winner of this contest will be chosen by MillersTime readers. Voting is underway. Cast your votes here by Tues. Nov.22.

Contest #3:

Part A: In 2015, the top 10 MLB players Batting Averages averaged .322. Will the average of the top ten be high, lower, or the same in 2016. What will that average be?  Answer: .327. Higher.

Part B: In 2015 the top ten MLB players OPS averaged .931. Will that be higher, lower, or the same in 2016 What will it be?  Correct Answer: .966. Higher.

Part C: In 2015, the top ten MLB pitchers ERA averaged 2.38. Will that be higher, lower, or the same in 2016?  Correct Answer: .274. Higher.

Part D: In  2015 the top ten MLB pitchers won 183 games. What will be the number of wins be for the top ten in 2016?  Correct Answer: 185.

Five of you got A, B & C correct. Of those Meg Gage and Whitney Limm came the closest with their answer to D. Whitney wins narrowly and has the choice of one of these books: The 20 Best Books Ever Written About Baseball. Whitney, Please email me which book you would like.

Contest #4:

Part A: Choose two teams whose combined won/loss record in 2016 be closest to .500. Lots of Possibilities: Closest Submitted Answer: .502 (Indians – .584 & Rays – .420)

Part B: Which MLB team will make the most improvement in their won/loss record in 2016?  Correct Answer: Red Sox + 15 (indians +13, Nats & Tigers +12)

Part C: Which MLB relief pitcher will have the most saves in 2016? How many?  Correct Answer: Familia 51 (Britton, Jensen & Melancon 47)

Dawn Wilson wins with one exactly right and two very close answers. Dawns second win (see Contest #1 above), and I will send her a copy of A. Bartlett Giamatti’s wonderful collection of baseball writings, entitled A Great and Glorious Game.

Contest #5: Predict who will lead the AL and who will lead the NL in getting the most All Star votes in 2016. Which of the two will receive more votes?

There were a few of you who read this question differently than I intended and gave the name of the teams who had the most players voted into the game. Since enough of you answered as the question was intended (i.e., which players would get the most votes), I’ll stick with those who answered as I intended.

No one predicted the two who got the most votes (Salvador Perez for the AL – 3,754,584 and Anthony Rizzo for the NL – 2,630,040). Most of you thought Mike Trout (or David Ortiz) and Bryce Harper would lead in the voting. No one chose Rizzo.

One of you only, Chris Bourtourline, did pick Perez, tho Chris thought Posey would be the NL winner.

Still, by  the power invested in me by me, I declare Chris the winner. If Chris ever returns to the East Coast, he can join me to see a Nats’ game in wonderful seats. If not, he can pick a game elsewhere, and I’ll get him two seats to that game.

Contest #6: Predict the 10 teams who will be in the 2016 playoffs. Which two teams will make it to the WS? Which team will win it all?

Three of you came the closest: Dawn Wilson (see above) got 9/10 of the teams in the playoffs but said the Blue Jays would beat the Cubs in the World Series. Matt Wax-Krell got 8/10 and said the Cubs would beat the Red Sox. Nick Nyhart also got 8/10 and said the Cubs would beat the Rangers.

Matt and Nick are tied and share the prize based on the fact that the both the Rangers and the Red Sox made the playoffs but were defeated in the ALDS.  They each win one seat to the 2017 World Series. (Hopefully, that will be one that involves the Sox (Red), and Matt and Nick can sit together and both root for the Sox.)

Extra Credit: Make up your own question about the MLB in 2016, and then answer it.

The winner of this contest will be chosen by MillersTime readers. Voting is underway. Cast your votes here by Tues. Nov.22.

Finally, all winners will also receive a MillersTime Winner T-Shirt. (Winners please send me your shirt size and your home address.)

Two Requests:

  1. If you haven’t voted in the two outstanding Contests, please do so before Tuesday, Nov. 22. Go to my earlier post for the details: Vote for the Best Predictions in These Two 2016 Baseball Contests.

2. I would appreciate comments about the 2016 Baseball Contests. Was it too complicated, too many questions, what did you like, dislike, suggestions, recommendations, etc.  It did take me a long time to come up with the winners, in part because I had to wait until the WS was over and also till most of the awards (ROY, Cy Young, etc.) were announced. Any feedback would be appreciated.