Because of a mistake I made, as was pointed out to me by Matt Wax-Krell, I erred in saying that Nick Nyhart edged out Matt Wax-Krell* in Contest # 6.

Matt said the Cubs would beat the Red Sox (not the White Sox) in the WS. Thus, he ties with Nick who said the Cubs would beat the Rangers in the WS. I have corrected my earlier post on the results of the contests to reflect this change.

Thus, both Nick and Matt each will get one WS ticket for 2017.

In an ideal world, the Sox will be in that WS and Nick and Matt will sit together, and both root for the Sox.

*Matt is my cousin’s son and has been attending Sox games, sometimes with myself and my daughter, since they were both 7 years old. Family, however, had nothing to do with the ‘revised’ decision. A review of Matt’s emailed predictions clearly shows he said Red Sox, not White Sox.

PS – If you have not already voted in the two contests that are to be decided by the votes of all of you on this mailing list, please do so as currently the voting is very close in each contest.

See: Vote for the Best Predictions in These Two Contests.