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This time, you’re going to have to work harder to find me. (In a previous post, it was ‘quite clear’ where ‘Waldo’ was.)

A MillersTime Baseball Contest Winner T-Shirt to the first person who backwinner-150x150finds me in the crowd at last nights Sox 5-2 win over the Os at Camden Yards.

Ortiz hit a three run homer (after missing one by a few inches in his previous at bat), and the Sox fans, including yours truly, raised their arms and cheered once again.

Update: 9/22/16:

Not surprisingly, I suppose, my daughter Elizabeth spotted me within four minutes of the posting, accurately saying, “Middle left. White shirt, beard, grey hat. Too easy…Your bracelet gives it away.”

She was followed shortly by her husband Brandt who, first got it wrong, as did many of you when he said, “Right fist in air wearing blue and red striped shirt.” But he quickly recovered and wrote, “White t-shirt with the right side of your body cut off.”, adding snarkly, “That’s an unfair question. Waldo was never cut off by the end of the page.” He then demanded I send the T-shirt prize as a onsie for his six month old daughter Samantha (She’s actually a few days from being seven months old.)

And then I heard accurately from my other son-in-law, Edan, who somehow circled the picture and drew arrows to it (how’d he do that?).

Of course, it would not be fair for any of those three to win, being so called family.

The next accurate sighting was from Steve Feldman of Beltmont, MA who wrote, “Upper left of the photo – the right half of your body is cut off.”

So a prized MillersTime Baseball Winner T-Shirt will be on its way to Steve shortly.

Thanx to all who participated.