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jn3_50761473893470Washinton Post Photo/Check out the crowd.

I was too busy watching the pitcher’s duel in DC yesterday between the Nats’ Tanner Roark (who has thrown seven scoreless innings nine times this year) and the Mets’ Robert Gsellman to watch the one between the Sox Ric Porcello (20-4) and the O’s Kevin Gausman.

Both were terrific games, both won on one mistaken pitch (or just good hitting), and both final scores of 1-0.

So the Nats’ magic number’ is seven (combination of Nats’ wins/and or Mets’ losses) for winning their Division and heading to the playoffs.

The Sox are currently in first place by just one game and are in a four way race with the Os, Blue Jays, and Yunkees.

Still, for a team that was in last place in their Division last year, 15 games out of first, the Red Sox Nation has to be pleased with their being in the race this late in the season.

I love baseball (beisbol).