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Contest # 1: Pick your favorite MLB team and predict what their regular season record will be in 2015. Tie-Breaker: Will they make the playoffs, and how far will they go if they do?

Prize: Two great seats/tickets to a Nationals’ game in 2016.

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Contest # 2: Make a prediction about something that will happen during the 2015 MLB season.

(Your prediction could be about a team (e.g., Yankees again will miss the playoffs), about a player (e.g., A-Rod will have a rebound year and will (re)gain the support of Yankee fans and the continued hatred of everyone else), about a record (e.g., an extra inning game will go 27 innings), about an ‘event’ (Big Papi will hit five home runs in one game), or about whatever you think has a chance of happening in MLB in 2015. Lots of possibilities. One prediction only.

Of the predictions that come true, MillersTime readers will determine which one is the best prediction (and, therefore, who wins the prize). In the past, voters have selected the most specific predictions, ones that showed both baseball knowledge and a willingness to predict something a bit unusual.)

Prize: Your choice of One of These 20 Best Baseball Books Ever Written.

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Contest #3:

Part A. In 2014 in MLB (AL and NL), the combined batting averages of the three top hitters equaled 1.003. Will the combined batting averages of the three top hitters in 2015 be above or below 1.000? Name the three leading hitters in BA in 2015.

Part B. In 2014 in MLB (AL and NL), the combined pitching wins of the top three pitchers was 61. Will the combined wins be above or below 61 in 2015? Name the three leading pitchers in wins in 2015.

Prize:  One ticket to either one ALCS or one NLCS game in 2016

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Contest # 4: Choose two teams whose combined won/loss record will be closest to .500.

Prize: Your choice of one of these books on baseball statistics.

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Contest # 5:  Predict who will lead the AL and who will lead the NL in getting the most All Star votes in 2015? Tie-Breaker: Which of the two will receive more votes?

Prize: A T-Shirt that says, “MillersTime Baseball Contest Winner”

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Contest # 6:  Predict the ten (10) teams who will be in the 2015 playoffs. Tie-Breakers: A. Which two teams will make it to the WS? B. Which team will win it all?

Prize: One ticket to a World Series game in 2016.

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Additional Details:

1. Enter as many or as few of the contests as you want.

2. Be sure to answer all parts of each contest you do enter, including the Tie-Breakers as some of the contests winners will no doubt depend on Tie-Breakers.

3. If you get a friend (or foe) to participate in these contests, and if he/she wins and has mentioned your name in their submission, you will get a prize also.

4. Get your predictions in soon. In case of ties in any contest, the individual who submitted his/her prediction first will be the winner. (Each year it seems as if at least one contest is decided by which prediction was submitted first.)

5. Submission can be sent in an email to me:  Samesty84@gmail.com or can be left in the Comment section of this post.

Deadline for submissions: Sunday, April 5, 2015, 8:05 PM, EST