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David Ortiz, the best Designated Hitter in baseball, deserves to be disciplined.

Ortiz simply lost control the other night in Baltimore and had a tantrum that fortunately did not result in any damage, other than to the bullpen phone box and to his own reputation.

He should be fined or suspended, whatever MLB determines is proper for similar, previous situations.

Apparently, Ortiz was most incensed by the umpire’s unwillingness to admit he had made a mistake in the call and is reported to have said something like, “we all make mistakes, but we need to admit when we do. That’s all.”

Will Ortiz apply that to himself?

I hope so.

He’s one of my favorites. And this behavior was not typical of his many years of being one of baseball’s best at what he does. But he is looked to by many in baseball and outside of it as a role model. If he is allowed to escape without consequences, that’s a bad message.

And while he deserves to be disciplined, his loss of control doesn’t deserve to be equated to the behaviors of say Bonds, A-Rod, or Braun. They cheated. Ortiz lost control.

Let’s not be hypocrites, Sox fans. Ortiz lost it that night and deserves punishment, even if that means a loss of Ortiz for one or more games.

It doesn’t matter what the circumstances were that caused him to have a tantrum.