Uh, oh.

Apparently grandparents are becoming obsolete.

According to this survey, we’re being replaced by technology.

No longer are we the ‘go to place’ for answering our grandkids’ questions, a traditional role played by grandparents. Instead, Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube are replacing us, at least in the role of passing on knowledge.

It seems that if a question can be answered on the Internet, 90% of the children will look it up there rather than come to us.

Hmm. Sounds bad.

But then there’s this Oxford University study that found that those grandchildren “with a high level of grandparental involvement displayed fewer emotional and behavior problems.”

So, bottom line:


The little kiddies may not be coming to us to learn things they can find out on line.

But if their parents are smart — as most of them are — they’ll be sure to keep us in their kids’ lives.

(Plus, we need those little wonders to help us with our computer and Internet problems. And without us, who will teach them why the 2-1 count is so important in baseball or what are the three toughest outs?)