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It is like watching two very powerful railroad trains racing at top speed toward each other along a single set of tracks.

Readers of this blog know that I have long been fascinated by Robert Caro’s seemingly endless biography of Lyndon Johnson. I’ve posted about this previously.

One of the many fascinating parts of the most recent volume, The Passage of Power, had to do with the relationship, the hatred, between LBJ and RFK. But, there were so many spellbinding events in this volume of the LBJ narrative, I think this aspect of Caro’s latest did not get much focus.

In his May 2101 NY Review of Books article, Gary Wills, author of the quote above, chose to emphasize this feud, how it came about, how it played out, and the effect it had on both men.

Even if you’ve read The Passage of Power, I suspect you will find new information in this article, America’s Nastiest Blood Feud. It makes the Obama/Boehner struggle look like a preschool tiff by comparison.