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The signs are all around us.

The football season is, finally, coming to an end.

There will be an announcement tomorrow about the new inductees to Cooperstown.

References are appearing to the number of days until ‘Truck Day,’ ‘Pitchers and Catchers,’ Spring Training, etc.

Two of my three Nats’ ticket partnerships have had their drawings for 2013 tickets.

Life is beginning to stir again.

Which brings me to thoughts of the annual MillersTime Baseball Contests.

As most of you know, I offer six contests each year based upon contestants predictions for the coming baseball season. The prizes are good ones – seats at future baseball games, often playoff ones. Even if not everyone claims his/her prizes! (To see the questions and results of last year’s contest, use this link.)

And it’s an equal gender contest as about half of the winners are consistently of the female persuasion (three of six in 2012).

So as I fashion this years contests, I’m calling for ideas on what would make for good questions. In the past, I’ve asked about your best single prediction for the coming season, who would be in and win the World Series, how well would the Nats do, what would happen with the Red Sox and Yankees’ seasons, etc.?

But I am open to some new questions, some new contest ideas.

Hopefully, some of you will send ideas for questions for the 2013 MillersTime Baseball Contests.

You can do so by emailing me (Samesty84@gmail.com) or putting your question(s) in the Comment section of this post.

Thanx in advance.

Go Sox.