This year was not a good one for MillersTime baseball prognosticators.

In most of the Baseball Contest categories, except for how well the Yankees would do, contestants failed miserably to come even close to what happened this year.

Overwhelmingly, you said the Angles would beat the Phillies in the World Series, the Nats would improve to 85-77 (not bad but not close as they were 98-64), and the best you could do on choosing Division leaders at the All Star break was three out of six.

The one area that had some life was in Contest #1, making a prediction about the 2012 year.  There were 10 predictions that came true, and in a close vote, readers gave the victory to the prediction that the Nats would be in the playoffs.

Here then is a summary of the winners for 2012:

#1.  Make a Prediction about the 2012:  Jimmy Routh Oliver wins with his prediction that the Nats would make the playoffs.  Everyone thought the Nats would do better this year, but only Jimmy said they’d be in the playoffs.  Close behind Jimmy was Todd Endo, a previous winner, with his prediction that the Phillies would have the greatest decline in W-L (they were actually tied for that ‘honor’ with the Sox at 21 more lost games than 2011)

Jimmy wins two tickets to a game in any stadium in either league next year.

#2.  Predict whether the Nats would do better or worse in 2012 and what their record would be. Tiffany Lopez, a three-time MillersTime winner, edged out Joe Higdon. Both said the Nats would improve to 93-69, but Tiffany got her prediction in three days ahead of Joe.

Tiffany  wins two tickets to a 2012 Nats’ game of his choice.

#3. At the All-Star break, which teams will be leading in each Division?  No one did well here, but Elizabeth Miller got three of the six and wins.

Elizabeth wins two tickets for a game in any stadium of her choice for 2013.

#4. In this contest to predict the regular season won-loss records for both the Yankees and the Sox, Joe Higdon and Peter Shimm share in winning this contest. Both were close on the Yankee’s record but off on the Sox (tho not as far off as most of you).

They’ll each get one ticket to either an AL or NL Divisional playoff next year.

#5. Monica Rober, a previous winner, and Kevin Curtin, a frequent loser because his excellent predictions come in at the last moment, were tied for picking the results of the 12 games the Yankees and the Sox played after the All Star break. Both predicted the final three games would not affect the standings between the two teams. The winner? Monica wins because she got her choice in four days before Kevin.

Monica wins two tickets to a Yankee-Red Sox game in 2013 but may have to take me with her if I can attend.

#6. No one picked the Giants to win the World Series, but Steven Veltri had the Tigers and the Giants playing for the title and so is declared the winner here (three folks had the Giants in the WS and five had the Tigers).

Steve gets two tickets to the 2013 World Series, and Dan Bush gets to join him because he suggested Steve enter the MillersTime Contests.

Congrats to Jimmy Routh, Tiffany Lopez, Elizabeth Miller, Joe Higdon, Peter Shimm, Monica Rober, Steven Veltri and Dan Bush. (Note: It’s your responsibility to be in touch with me to claim your prize.)

And thanx to all who participated.


Next year, fans, we’ve got to do better.

I’m accepting suggestions for questions to include for 2013.