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For reasons I can no longer remember, I missed the first two of our movie club offerings this fall, but my trusty partner Ellen went and offers the following:

The DC Cinema Club has not disappointed in its first two offerings this fall.

The Oranges – a film about two families who’ve been closest of friends for years – is one of the best written, laugh-out-loud comedies I’ve seen in years.  The premise of the film – the prodigal daughter of one family, falls into a ‘relationship” with the father of the other – is a bit unlikely and unseemly, but the hilarity that ensues between spouses and siblings and the realizations by all brings this unpredictable film to a very entertaining and satisfying viewing.  In the days of “I can hardly remember the last film that I saw,” this one is memorable.  You won’t get it mixed up with anything else you’re going to see this fall.  Must see.

The Oranges, ATO Pictures. In English

(Our Cinema Club gave The Oranges a 79.2% positive rating – Excellent or Good.)


A Royal Affair – the second film offering this fall – was a stunning “period” piece that takes place mostly in the early 1800’s. It tells the true story of Denmark under the reign of the mad king Christian VII.  Guided by his personal physician and his Queen, both of whom are entranced by the new ideas of the Enlightenment, the story of political change in a backward country couldn’t be more stunningly told.  Overlay that with the intensity of a forbidden affair that ends in banishment and execution, and you have a real winner. Costumes, direction and production are all superb. Another must see.

A Royal Affair, Magnolia Pictures. In Danish, English and German with English subtitles

(Our Cinema Club gave A Royal Affair a 92.1% positive vote – Excellent or Good.)


Ed. NotesOranges is playing in the DC area at Landmark’s Bethesda Row Cinema, as is Searching for Sugar Man, if you haven’t seen that good one. A Royal Affair is coming to the DC area Nov. 9, tho I’m not sure at which theater(s).

Also, if you enjoy talking about movies and eating good food, the Millers have room at their table for two more folks to join in on a discussion of some recently seen movies, particularly Queen of Versailles but also Searching for Sugarman, Detropia, The Master, and whatever else you’ve seen in the last few months that is worthy of discussion. We’ll have a Sunday supper and discussion starting at 6 PM at our house in DC on Nov. 11. Let me know if you’re interested in joining us (Samesty84@gmail.com).