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Eleven predictions came true (either exactly or close enough to be declared finalists) for Contest #1: Make a Prediction about the 2012 Baseball Season.

Now it’s up to you folks to decide which one should be declared the winner:

A few ‘rules’:

*Deadline to send in your selection is Oct. 31 at midnight.

*You can send your choice to me by email (Samesty84@gmail.com) or simply put it in the Comment section below.

*Consider adding an explanatory sentence or two when you vote, especially if you want others to be influenced by your wisdom, insight, or because you want them to vote with you. (If you send your vote by email, let me know if I can post it in the Comment section).

*You have to be on the MillersTime email list or you must have made a submission to at least one of the MillersTime Baseball Contests over the past three years.

Here are this years finalists. Vote for the one you think is the Best Prediction, however you want to define “Best.” Remember, all of these predictions were made before Opening Day 2012.

  1. Cards Make Playoff
  2. Red Sox rebuilding, Not close to playoffs
  3. Phillies greatest decline in W-L (actually they tied with Red Sox, 21 fewer wins)
  4. Strasburg voted to All-Star game
  5. Astros worst team in the Majors
  6. Cards better offense without Pujois (true in Hits, Runs, RBIs, but three less HRs, .002 in BA)
  7. Nats make playoffs
  8. Rafael Soriano performs for the Yanks
  9. Angels not win their Division
  10. O’s not last in AL East
  11. Papelbon stellar Year. Sox will miss him.

PS – I’ll be interested if the Yankees can make up for their worst choke ever (2004 AL Playoffs when they blew a 3-0 game lead to the mighty Sox and lost 4-3, before the Sox went on to win the WS). Whaddayathink? Just wondering…