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Tennessee Rep. Justin Jones

Readers of this MillersTime blog likely know that I have largely refrained from posting articles about political issues over the past several years. However, this morning I watched and listened to a short speech that I think is worthy of readers’ time and deserves to be seen and heard widely.

It is the three and a half minute speech Rep. Justin Jones’ gave in the Nashville Legislature upon his return to that body when the Nashville Metro Council voted 36-0 to return him to that body. (You may need to click on Skip Ads in the lower right hand corner to get directly to this speech.)

Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDkgD_Cn5gk

Even more important, in my opinion, is a longer C-SPAN clip of Rep. Jones speaking to the Legislature just prior to his expulsion. Among other points, he cited numerous incidents where previous (and one present) House members were not disciplined (expelled) for far worse behaviors and calmly and directly ‘spoke truth to power.’

Here is that 25:55 minute segment where Rep. Jones eloquently speaks to the Legislature, and to the country, including a five minute exchange with a representative who seeks to justify the reason for expulsion:


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