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Here are the revised Contest questions for the ‘Proposed’ 60-Game Season:


Assuming the 60-game plan generally works, and the 2020 ‘season’ contains at least 45 games, how will your favorite team do?

  1. Name your team and predict their win-lose record for the 60 games.
  2. Will they make the playoffs?
  3. Will they make it to the WS?
  4. Will they win the WS?

Tie-breaker: Name the three Division winners in the AL & the NL.

Prize: Assuming fans can safely attend games in 2021, join me for a Nats’ game of your choice, or I will join you for a game of your choice anywhere you choose.


True or False Questions:

  1. The 60 game season will not happen as it is presently scheduled, i.e., the season will be shortened by anywhere between five to 60 games.
  2. There will be at least one hitter with at least 100 AB who will hit .400 or higher. (Submitted by Zack Haile)
  3. There will be no starting pitcher who wins 10 games or more.
  4. No one will hit more than 23 HRs. (Submitted by Rob Higdon)
  5. At least one team in each league will win 42 or more games?
  6. One or more games in each of the three Divisions will be played in front of a crowd.
  7. Only one Division winner will make it to the WS.
  8. At least one MLB starting pitcher will win 8 games or more without a loss and at least one MLB starting pitcher will lose 8 games or more without a win.
  9. Over the course of the 60-game season (or even if the season is shortened), the National League will outscore the American League for the first time in the last 45 seasons. (Ron Davis)
  10. At least one of these teams (Red Sox, Angels, Giants, White Sox) will make it to the postseason. (Chris Boutourline)

Prize: Assuming there is a season next year, bring a friend and join me for a Nats’ game in 2021, or if you’re not able to make it to DC, perhaps I can make it to where you live, and we’ll see a game together.    


Assuming there is a World Series,

  1. Name the two teams who will make it to the WS.
  2. Which one will win?
  3. In how many games?

Tie-breaker: Which AL or NL Division will have the most wins?

                       Which AL or NL Division will have the least wins?

Prize: One ticket to a WS game in 2021, assuming there is a WS.


What will be the main ‘take aways’ from having a 60 game, or shorter, season?  (I will ‘crowd source’ what I think are the top five answers, so everyone can partake in deciding who wins this Contest.)

Prize: Your choice of one of these books: The 25 Best Baseball Books of All Time.

Additional Details:

  1. All winners and those whose questions were chosen for this contest get the ‘one-of-a kind,’ specially designed and updated MillersTime Baseball Winner T-Shirt.
  2. Enter as many or as few of the contests as you want.
  3. If you get a friend (or foe) to participate in these contests, and he or she wins and mentions your name in the submission, you’ll get a prize too.
  4. Any two-generation submission that wins will get a special prize.
  5. GET YOUR PREDICTIONS IN EARLY. In case of a tie, the individual who submitted his/her prediction first will be the winner.
  6. Submissions should be sent to me by email: Samesty84@gmail.com

  Deadline for Submissions: Opening Day, noon (EST) July 23rd