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(The two managers, Dave Roberts & A.J. Hinch, meet prior to the opening of the 2017 WS games.  Photo by Al Tielemans, SI)

It certainly looks as if we have a World Series that is worthy of its name, at least if the first two games are any indication. I know those of you who are Dodger fans would have preferred to have won the second game, but for those of us who aren’t so connected to either team, it’s wonderful to see both teams operating at their best and the outcome in doubt.

In the meantime, I need a bit of help in determining how to think about the winner of MillersTime Contest #6: Who will be the two teams in the World Series in 2017 and which team will win it all? (Tie-Breaker: Name the five teams in each league who will make the playoffs.)

Four of you are in the running to win this contest, the one with the biggest prize of the six contests: One ticket to the 2018 World Series:

N.L. (vis Matt Galati): Picked the Dodgers and the Astros to be in the WS with the Dodgers winning it all.

E.T. Picked the Astros and the Mets with the Astros winning it all.

N.N. picked the Cubs and Astros, with the Cubs winning it alll.

C.B. picked the Astro and the Cubs with the Astros the victors.

Obviously, if the Dodgers win, then N.L. is the winner.

But if the Astros win, I’m not sure which of the above should be declared the winner.

Any advice, left in the Comment section of this post or sent directly to my email (Samesty84@gmail.com) would be definitely welcomed.


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PPS: Contests 1, 2 & 3 have yet to be decided and will take some time.