I long ago gave up on the (foolishness of) making any New Year’s resolutions.

But I think I’ve got one that I can actually do and that will make my life a tad easier by the end of 2017.

As many of you know, I have just posted the list of Books Most Enjoyed in 2016 by MillersTime Readers. When I was working on the post, I noticed many of you indicated you couldn’t remember everything you read over the past year. I too had the same problem.

The answer to that problem, of course, came from Ellen Miller who (repeatedly) ‘suggested’ I keep track of the books I read on the website www.goodreads.com. I used to do that but somehow stopped.

So I just reactivated my account and have resolved to use the Goodreads site to keep track of everything I read in 2017.

Once a member, it’s very easy (at least once you get use to the site) to keep track of everything you read. Plus, you can rate each book you read, and you can even write a short review so you can recall the book at a later date. And there are lots of other features to the site. Probably more than you’ll ever need. It’s “the world’s largest community of readers,” and you can participate in as much or as little as you want. It’s a wonderful resource, but it can also just be a way to record what you’ve read quickly and retrievably.

And it’s free.

You can sign up easily:


The one ‘catch’ is that once you’ve signed up, in order to keep track of what you’ve read, you actually have to enter the title of the book in your My Books account.

That’s where the New Year’s resolution comes in.

(PS – If you missed the email about the posting of the 2016 Favorite Reads list, check it out. It’s a terrific resource, in my humble opinion.)