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And the winner you have chosen for Contest #2 (Make a prediction about something that will happen during the 2016 MLB season) is:

“The Sox will sweep the Yankees in New York, and the Yankees will sweep the Sox in Boston.” (Ed. Sox took four straight in NY in Sept., and Yunkees returned the favor by taking three straight in Boston two weeks later.)

Steve Veltri submitted that prediction and his prize is to join me in DC in terrific seats for a Nats game of his choice. If Steve cannot make it to DC in the next year, he can negotiate with me for two tickets to a game he can attend elsewhere.

And the winner you have chosen for the Extra Credit question (Make up your own question and answer it) is:

“Who will win the NL MVP. Kris Bryant.”

Larry Longenecker submitted the question and answered it correctly. That question will appear in the 2017 MillersTime Baseball Contests, and Larry wins his choice of one of these books: The 20 Best Books Ever Written About Baseball.

Summary of 2016 Winners

Contest #1 – Dawn Wilson

Contest #2 – Steve Veltri

Contest #3 – Whitney Limm

Contest #4 – Dawn Wilson

Contest #5 – Chris Bourtourline

Contest #6 – Tie: Matt Wax-Krell and Nick Nyhart

Extra Credit: Larry Longenecker

All of the above win the ‘coveted MillersTime Basebal Contest Winner” T-shirt in addition to their individual contest prize.

If you won and have not sent me your T-shirt size and home address, please do so.

If your win calls for a choice of a book or a game for 2017, please be in touch with me so we can work out those details.

And finally, I’m always looking for feedback about these contests. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated.

Just a bit Over Four Months until Opening Day!