noname.best cakeOur family tends to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings (one of those coming up soon) and other good occasions for about a week for each one. And so Saturday started the week of celebration for Ryan Orgad’s first birthday. The actual day is Thursday, but we always get these things started early.

Mostly, I’ll let Ellen’s pictures below tell Sunday’s story, but there is one piece I want to add:

Before Annie was born, Ellen and I were talking about what our hopes were for our first born. I remember saying, “I hope he/she has a wonderful smile.” If you’ve followed Annie these three plus decades, you know that indeed happened.

But so did something else. Annie married Edan Orgad who has his own wonderful smile. And then they had three kids in five years, each of them came with a wonderful smile too.

Enjoy the photos:

noname.family.best R smiling

noname.jmre eating cake


noname.smiling pool

noname.pool in the air



noname.I'm so ONe year old

noname.best family