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In a previous post, No Place to Hide, I wrote about my reaction to listening to a talk by Glenn Greenwald and reading his recently released book on Edward Snowden, on the revelations from the disclosures of NSA documents and on Greenwald’s assessment of what has occurred.

In comments and emails, some of you immediately praised Greenwald and Snowden, some of you said the MillersTime post gave you pause for thinking and/or reevaluating, and some questioned the damage that they felt both Snowden and Greenwald had done to our country.

Hopefully, some of you in all three groups will have time to read Greenwald’s book for yourselves. (If you do, please add a Comment on MillersTime or send me your thoughts by email.)

Today’s post is a link to a lengthy interview done by NBC’s Brian Williams with Snowden. It gives you a chance to see, hear and perhaps evaluate this 29-year-old for yourself.

There will be more revelations to come as a result of Snowden’s stolen NSA documents and Greenwald’s publishing them. This issue is not going to go away.

So, take a look for yourself at this 43:20 minute interview as it aired last week on NBC:

Update: 6/3/14: The above YouTube video has been removed from the Internet, probably at the behest of NBC, tho there are other, more nefarious possibilities of what happened to it. I’m working on finding a replacement.

OK. Now I have a replacement, tho I think you have to listen to an advertisement at the beginning of the interview. It is divided into six parts, which makes it a bit more to watch, but each of the six parts is accessible from this link:

Inside the Mind of Edward Snowden, the Brian Williams NBC interview.

Addendum: Only a portion of the four hour interview actually made it onto the air. You can check out some of the additional things Snowden said here.

Further update 6/10/14:  At the good suggestion of one MillersTime reader, I am linking to Michael Kinsley’s NY Times Book Review of Greenwald’s No Place to Hide. Kinsley clearly is not a fan.

And if you want to go one step further, you can also read the response to Kinsley’s review by the NYTimes’ Public Editor, Margaret Sullivan, who takes issue with his review.