Do you have (or know someone who has) a laptop computer that is not being used?

How about an iPad, a tablet, or even an e-reader (Kindle, etc.)?

You can put your ‘used’ technology to good use by donating it to The Rainforest Academy in rural Belize.  Your donation will help young people who do not presently have access to technology.


Under the auspices of the Columbia River Cooperative, a local non profit, a group of villagers and expatriates, teachers, farmers, and tradespeople in the Kekchi Mayan village of San Pedro Columbia have banned together to build and to establish a high school. The intent is to serve Mayan children who now have to travel as much as two hours a day to attend school.

Through the help of of volunteers, both local and international, The Rainforest Academy (RFA) has been established and a building has been completed consisting of one classroom and a computer lab (so far). The Academy has petitioned the Ministry of Education for school approval and funding.

(The first two rooms for the new Rainforest Academy, build with volunteer labor)

The first two rooms for the new Rainforest Academy, built with volunteer labor

Currently, The Rainforest Academy has been operating summer programs and now plans to add an after school tutoring program to help with homework and literacy. The RFA has the space, an Internet connection, lights, tables and chairs.

But they only have one computer.

That’s where you can help. Their goal is to get ten working computers.

Do you have any outdated laptops or tablets at home or at work?

If you can help, let me know, and I will help arrange getting your donation to this worthy group.

You can even get a tax donation for your second hand computer.

Finally, if you do not have a laptop or a tablet to donate, perhaps you know someone or some organization that does.

Please help.

(Contact me soon:

Update: As you can see in the Comment section below, super techie Nelson Romero has offered to wipe clean and reinstall any OS info, etc. (for free). So you need not worry about any of your personal data remaining on your donated machine.