By the power invested in me by me, I’ve paired down the potential captions to the ones listed below.

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1. “I want you to know that I will always be older and wiser than you are, and that I was first in this world!”

2. “I’ll eat you up; I love you so..”.

3. “When I say count to 20 when we play Hide and Seek, you count ALL the way to 20!

4. “You tell Aba and you’re a goner.” (Aba, Hebrew for father)

5. “Please don’t hurt me; I’ll be your bff and give you all my toys!”

6. “I warned you!! If you ever brought up the name Jeter again in this house…this was gonna happen!!”

7. “You might have me pinned now, but just wait until I get up! You’re gonna get it!”

8. Beginning the Dance of Brotherly (Love, Loyalty, Individuality and Survival)

9. “I told you to read the blog! JUST READ THE BLOG!”

10. “Yell all you want. I’m the baby!”

11. Ryan: “Red, Eli, we’re supposed to be wearing red – not blue – for #ChiefsKingdom”

12. “You may be Big Brother, and I may be Little Brother right now. But one day, when I am 2 inches taller than you and outweigh you by 16 pounds, you will be Elder Brother, and I will be Younger Brother.”