Readers of MillersTime know I enjoy offering contests of various types.

Today I am posting one that everyone can enjoy, with no need for any expertise at all.

I’m looking for the Best Caption for the photo below of grandson Eli, who is five, tho he looks enormous, as he plays with/looms over his 10-month old brother Ryan.


A few early entries (I first posted this on Facebook) might give you some ideas for your entry:

* “I warned you!! If you ever brought up the name of Jeter ever again in this house, this was going to happen.”

* “I’ll eat you up; I love you so…”

* “You gave our piggy bank to a guy named Bernie to invest?”

* “When I say count to 20 when we play Hide and Seek, you count ALL the way to 20!”

Prize to the winning entry.

Leave your entry in the comment section of this post, send it to me in an email or leave it on Facebook.

Winning entry will be decided by crowd sourcing (which in this case I think means I’ll put the final decision up to readers).