Saw my first 2014 Nats’ game last night, a four hour (OK 3:56), 17 run, 25 hit, 18 strike out, three error, 364 pitch game won because the Marlins chose to intentionally walk Anthony Rendon to fill the bases and face Jason Werth, who responded with a grand slam home run.

A good ending to a long night filled with everything that is good and sometimes not so good about baseball.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to offer two terrific seats, fifth row behind the visitor’s dugout between home and third, for the Friday, April 18, 7:05 PM Nats vs Cards game.

I’ll be glad to donate them to someone who will take a young person to the game.

If no one wants to do that, I’ll sell the two for a total of $100.

The face price of the tickets is $80 per ticket. But since I pay $50 for them, I’m offering the two for a total of $100.

Let me know if you’re interested in either offer.